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Online Data Entry Jobs, Data Mining Jobs, Form Filling Jobs.

In the Free membership level, we provide only one company. If you want to earn more than 50$/day then choose our paid membership level, which is useful for you to get more assignments per day with good payout.

All the instructions of Jobs with categories and payments will be provided for paid members, it is not provided for Free members.

Let we take an example

Free membership plan



Earnings for 100 assignments

One company will be provided.

Minimum .01$-5$

Minimum 1$-500$


Paid membership Plan



Earnings for 100 assignments

More than 1000 companies will be Provided

Minimum 2$-10$


 More members are choosing only paid Membership Plan to Get good Assignments with good payout, where the free membership plan listed only one company and the earnings of assignments is very low in free membership level.

Frequently Asked Questions for Paid Membership and Free Membership Plans

1. What is Data Entry Jobs(DEJ)?
Data entry is a simple online typing job.. All you have to do simple Data level Work wherein you would have to enter data in the format followed with all the instructions specified.

2. Is there any skill required to work?
Yes, basic computer knowledge is required.

3. How to do the work & How to submit the same online?
At first you should read the instructions carefully so as not to make any mistake while working. And you have to complete the task in stipulated time period.

4. How much Assignments can I do daily, What will be the work load?
Dear customer as this is a Part time work, but if you are interested you can do it as full time also. Work load will completely depend on your potential and project availability.

5. How much time do I get to complete each task?
Depends from task to task.

6. What will be the working hours?
Completely depends on your choice and according to your convenience, provided you complete the task at the allotted time.

7. In every Assignment What type of mistakes/errors will be counted?
Normally errors like entering wrong data will lead to task rejection, where no payment will be made for that particular task.

8. When I'm going to get my payment ?
Payments can be made when you have earned $20, however it is advisable to withdraw once you reach $100 as a fee of $4 will be deducted when you make a withdrawal.

10. For every valid task, How much do I get Paid?
Payment totally depends upon the amount decided for the respective task, which varies from 0.1 $ to 10 $.

11. What will be the mode of payment? How long will it take to receive my payment?
Your payment will be sent to you as preferred by you, either by At-Par-Cheque, or by online transfer or by paypal account. A Cheque will take about 4 - 5 days.

12. What will be the contract period of Work?
There is no contract with regards to ODEJ, however if your rejection levels are high your account may get terminated .

13. Will I get work every month?
As long as you maintain the accuracy, you can continue to work.

14. After paying registration fees, do I have to search or contact these companies for work?
No. Once you pay the registration fees, within 24hrs-48hrs after finishing formalities, you will get the steps guidance. Our service is very Professional & Prompt

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Programs are the best ways to make money and many affiliates are earning their bread and butter by doing this work full time.

There are many affiliate programs on internet. They has thousands of big advertisers like Baazee, Monster, eBay, Yahoo, Dell, HSBC, Citibank, at&t. They have the on time payment history.

Earning money through Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to make money online because there is little to no scamming or fraud. In fact, many home based affiliate business owners rely on affiliate marketing for their entire income.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of promoting web businesses in which you (the affiliate) are rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through your efforts, much like the practice of paying finder's-fees for the introduction of new clients to a business. Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (Pay per click), registrant (Pay per lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay per Sale), or any combination of the three.

We will tell you in very simple words, What has to be done, How it has to be done, you will know once you get the package. There are companies on the Internet who from time to time are running new campaigns to promote their brands or to Increase the popularity of their web sites. The companies expect their promotional campaigns to get maximum exposure as quick as possible. But unfortunately there is no Television or Newspaper on Internet through which these companies can get maximum exposure. Instead there are billions of WebPages, and it is practically not possible for one company to run their campaigns every where. This limitation gives People like us, with basic knowledge of computers, a big Advantage.

You can see some income cheques on the website from some of popular affiliate marketing companies. Which are mediator between Advitisers companies and we publisher people. In short, these companies are outsourcing their work via Affiliate networks.

Let's take one example. is one such company with the Affiliate network. On the other hand we also join this network (free to you,) to get some work (as we are looking for some extra income through net). They will give us some Online Banners, Text links. It will look as an Ad for website (with our unique identity code provided by affiliate networks in the background). Here Part 1 gets over. Now we have to place these links on Internet using various techniques provided in the package (which includes placing the same on Google). Here Part 2 also gets over.

Now any Person who is coming across the link placed by us (as described in pack) and clicking on it and subsequently signup at, our affiliate  account balance will automatically increase by up to Rs. 25. This affiliates network will know this via the unique code provided by them in our link. (In part 1 above)

Like odesk, there are 1000+ companies like,, Dell, IBM, Sony, Discovery Channel, CNBC, to name a few. Each company gives your different payout (as high as US $100 or even more). Each have a different criteria, some pays to you when somebody does a free registration via link placed by you, some pays for free information search, some even pays for clicks to our link, some pays if some purchase is being made via the link placed by us (our commission in this case is very high). So it's up to us, as for which company we wish to work.



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